Get the kids up, get them fed, get yourself ready, get the kids out the door, oh wait…don’t forget their lunch, phone is ringing, AHHHHHHH! Does this sound like your life? And this doesn’t even include the dogs or your husband. Everyone is wanting your attention right? Well I have some great news because there is something you can do to manage your emotions and your thoughts.

We are created to function as a whole. The spirit, mind and body are inseparably connected and communicating at a cellular level. Our emotions are processed throughout the body. More specifically, they are processed through our “3 Brain s”. The Mind (works as a conductor and it directs the body how to feel, what to do and how to behave. The Heart discerns that and then soothes. The Gut then decides how it is going to respond to these messages. 90% of the body’s serotonin involved in mood management is produced in the gut. All three brains communicate with each other, offer feedback to and influence the mind. Amazing right? Even more amazing is that each of our bodies have the power to instinctively choose wellness?

So what can we do to manage our emotions?

1. Check in with your current mindset. Are you subconsciously telling yourself that you might not be worthy, not good enough or stuck? Where does that belief come from? Do you notice that it now shows up in many areas of your life? This is a biochemical reaction and causes your three brains to become disconnected. First, write some positive affirmations that are in the current time as if it is happening now and say them out loud first thing in the morning and last thing before your head hits your pillow. Let these be the first and last thing your brain hears.

2. Record your positive affirmations with feeling and excitement. Play the recording so your new self is telling you a new belief. Your brain listens to everything you say and your subconscious mind obeys. Our brain doesn’t sabotage us, but it will believe what it is told.

3. Create a junk journal. Every negative thought should be acknowledged, written in this journal and given it’s proper home to stay.

4. Eat a good diet consisting of whole clean foods. Eliminate all processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, white flour and white carbs and any other foods that are known allergens (for some that might be gluten, dairy, and soy).

5. Get at least a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Yes, I said 8!!! You will be more alert, have more energy and you will allow your body to repair itself overnight. This will lead to a more productive day.

6. Find time to dedicate to just you. Even if it is only a few hours. Moms in particular think they need to put everyone else first and themselves last. But it’s actually the opposite. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of everyone else.

7. Breathing techniques or meditation are great ways to slow the breath down and create calm within the body.

8. Essential oils are dynamic and support your body physically AND emotionally. doTERRA essential oils work synergistically with the body. They are very diverse in their complexity, are able to get into the cell because of their molecular density to penetrate the cell so that it’s helping to restore the cell and support its function. It is literally affecting the body at it’s cellular level.

9. Use a diffuser to emit the essential oils into the air. Aromatic use of an essential oil is the fastest way to affect mood. The aromatic molecules have direct access to the limbic area, or emotional seat, of the brain.

Do you need some support? Let’s work together to get you feeling like a new person and know what “feeling good” really feels like. Let me know how some of these tips work for you by commenting below!

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