How I manage to get it all done stress free

I was driving to my doctor's visit today and was able to attend a high level branding conference call for my business.  Once I got off the call, I immediately thought how grateful I am that my business allows me the freedom to take care of personal matters while keeping my business moving forward. Sure I could have stressed and wondered how I was going to fit everything into my day (not to mention it was a Friday leading into a holiday weekend).  I was able to get my fitness in, make my doctor appointment, work on my branding, work on my marketing, mentored team members and prepared my webinar content and be able to spend quality time with my husband and son . Oh and make dinner too.  What's my secret? Well it's not really a secret, but it's time-blocking my schedule ahead of time.  Do I always get everything done? No, of course not. But I get a lot more done with time-blocking. hmmm....let me see where I can fit in a beach visit in the middle of next week when everyone is at work! πŸ˜‰πŸ”†

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