As a busy mom, wife and business woman, I know what it is like to be busy, not have enough time, pulled in many directions wanting all of my attention, stressed, tired, not feeling my best physically and to worry about finances. By simply making small, consistent changes to my diet, routine, fitness, business and deciding that I can simplify my life and wellness to live a life of abundance, empowerment and have the success I’ve always been worthy of.  I show busy women how to transform their lives physically and financially,  and own their life..

doTERRA essential oils have supported my body emotionally, physically and spiritually. I'm feeling better than I've ever felt in my life (and I'm in my 50's). Even more exciting is that doTERRA is giving me the time and financial freedom I have always sought. It allows me the opportunity to give back. make an impact on the lives of other women (with a trickling effect on their families). When I started my network marketing business, I didn’t start it for the money. Yes, the money was important but I didn’t need the money. Money is not bad nor good. Rather, it is a tool.  

As a successful business woman, my strength is leadership, coaching/mentoring and integrity. I am committed to helping  women that have a desire for success, positive change in their life, serving others and passionate about wellness .  Create the life  you've always dreamed of and live a life that feels good to you!💜

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