Too often people tell me they are afraid to set goals because they fear they won't hit them or that it will de-motivate them. Or if they are willing to set goals, they are afraid to make them to big because then they will be disappointed if they don't hit them. Does that sound like you or someone you know? 

I encourage you to think differently about your goals. Think of your goals as something that keeps you moving forward and keeping you on track. Maybe you set yourself a goal to be for the the end of the year and your mindset may automatically go to "but what if I don't hit it". Right? Is that what you are thinking? Maybe ask yourself, "what if I DO hit it". But maybe you think it's just not that easy to turn on the positivity. So maybe it's not and it'll be progress. So think about this. That goal is just a goal and that's it. If you don't hit it, think about the person that you became during that period and think about the mistakes that you can learn from. Think about how much closer you got to that goal and think about all that you gained in the process.

Goals are a good thing and if you look at them as a good thing, they will serve you in the direction you are headed---up....not sideways or backwards. Share your goals with a mentor or someone that will support you with your goals and tell them what you want them to say to you when you feel challenged. Whatever your goals are this month or this year, cheers to you for setting them and taking action steps towards them! 

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