3 easy steps to achieve a 30 day goal—GUARANTEED

I beg you..please please not to set yourself a resolution for this year or this month. They are easy to give up and have no strategies or intentions behind them. You might think your intentions are good, but you and I both know that you are going to break that resolution. It’s not your fault though…it’s your brains fault. It wants to keep you inside a box where you feel comfortable and safe. 

Are you frustrated with setting goals only not to achieve them and feeling defeated? Maybe you even think, “what’s the point? I never achieve my goals any way.” Let’s get started and learn how set a realistic goal that you know you WILL achieve and change your life forever.

The FIRST step is to set an Intention (not a goal).”I intend to……..” It can be 90 days out, 6 months out, a year or more. You decide. An intention is a vision. It’s a big picture that has emotion that you can see or feel. It could have a number or a date. But there isn’t a lot of detail. It has no plan. 

The SECOND step is to set a goal. Only set one goal. (Setting more than one can make you feel overwhelmed and your brain says give up.)  Your goal will get you moving into action on a daily basis. Did you know people fail within two weeks because they never create plan of action and have nothing to focus on? It’s easy to lose sight of it more quickly.

Now ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, “Can I achieve this goal? I’m challenging your belief system. If you are below a 5 I would suggest that you lower your goal to something realistic. Let me give you an example: If I asked you to give up sugar for one day with no cheating, you would say no problem. If I asked you to give it up for one week with no cheating you would probably say ok but it’s going to be hard but I can try. If I asked you to give it up for 6 months, you would say no way “I can’t do it”…it’s impossible. Most people fail because they have unrealistic expectations. You have a wish.

Pick one thing that is critical in your life that will change everything. Your goal is ONE thing that you can do every day not because it is easy but because it will be worth it.

The final and important THIRD STEP is to grab a piece of paper. On one side of it write down or paste an image that represents your intention. Write down or add an image of words that represent how you will feel and what you will see. Who else is affected by your intention? Include their name or picture. Include a number or a date. Every night for 30 days before bed look at your Intentions side, take a deep full breath and exhale and say out loud while tapping the intention side, I CAN, I WILL, I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I AM I like to use the calming blend essential oil aromatically in my hand to promote relaxing and tranquility.

On the revise side write down or tape images of your 30 day goal. Write down the action steps you have to take daily. Write down thoughts you must have that are going to serve you. Write down words that you will tell your brain so that they will serve you. In the morning for 30 days, look at your goal side and while tapping the paper, say out loud to yourself I CAN, I WILL, I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I AM I like to use lemon, peppermint or the focus blend aromatically in the morning while saying these words.

Believe in YOU!!! I believe in you! Peace, love and light.

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