Get Focused

Have you ever had one of those days where you your attention needed to be on something particular and you were being distracted? Maybe one of those things was something you procrastinated on subconsciously even though it was important?

I had one of those days. I needed to design and complete a powerpoint presentation within a few hours. Sounds easy enough right? Yes especially since I had already mapped out on paper the flow of the presentation. I feared the project because it takes me a little bit to get creative with design and I knew that a few hours were going to turn into a whole day and I needed to attend to other things that day that were also important.

Then add to the fact that the stucco on the outside of my house was being hammered away from the house. OMG!!! The noise!!! I couldn’t even concentrate! I even went into the basement but that didn’t help.

Then I remembered I had my focus blend essential oil. I’ve always enjoyed the scent of it but I never really had an issue with focus to think about using it. I grabbed it from my collection of essential oils, applied it to the back of my neck and a dab under my nose. I took some deep inhales of the aroma that was left on my hands and I could immediately feel centered and getting clarity.

Despite the hammering I was ready to get to work. What I didn’t expect to experience was the creativity that it inspired in me. Instead of the project taking me a few hours, it only took one hour and the presentation was awesome! Woot woot! Score for me! Now I diffuse it in my diffuser on a regular basis when I’m working. I was so excited about this experience that I did a short video about it because I knew I had to share it with others.

I love teaching about essential oils because so many people are so surprised by the many ways they support the many systems of our body--alot of time they are skeptical. What you will experience is feelings of happiness, breathing easier, feel calm and grounded, sleep is better and so many more benefits. I know you’ll love to know more. I was a skeptic too until I used the oils and man those gem of essential oils turned me into a believer. Would you be open to chatting about them? Set up appointment with me and let’s talk oils.

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