Network marketing doesn't work


I've learned that the people that say network marketing doesn't work is because they have a story. Maybe it's because they (or someone they  know) signed up, didn't do the work and then quit). Sounds to me like the person didn't work as opposed to network marketing didn't work.  Actually, the network marketing is a real and valid profession. It is one of the smartest ways to invest in yourself as a person, to start a business and to create the life you dream of. But if that is true, why does it get such a bad reputation? 

  1.  The start up can be too affordable to get into the profession. Well you would think that would be a good thing right? It can be if you go in with the right mindset. When something is too easy to start and you don’t have the right mindset it will be too easy to give up because you didn’t invest a lot. (When I opened my brick and mortar business with six figures, you can bet I would get up every morning, get to work, commit and be willing to fail and learn from my mistakes. There was no room for throwing in the towel.) Like any business you have to be willing to commit no matter what, be willing to learn entrepreneurial skills and personally grow. 
  2. Most people start up with low standards and no real goals other than to make a little extra money (and to make their money back). As a mentor, I help my team members set realistic but challenging goals so they can create a plan of appropriate action steps that move them closer to their goals.
  3. Anyone can do network marketing, but not everyone should. What I mean is that if you are looking to just make sales and sell to people then get a retail sales position. This profession requires you to think about the solution your product or business opportunity can offer someone. Invite them (don’t sell them) to learn about it. If they say, no then move on. You are not in the convincing business are you? I only want to work with people that are looking for either natural solutions to their overall health and well being or someone that is ACTIVELY looking for a Plan B business for their life. I don’t need everyone to buy what I have or need to have everyone join my team. 
  4. Most people come into this profession with bad energy because of their current wiring of thoughts that do not serve them. Energy is EVERYTHING! Energy is reflected in your body posture. It is reflected in the way you speak. It is reflected in who you are attracting to your life. The right energy will move you closer to your goals. The right energy will give you thoughts that serve you. It will allow you to BELIEVE what you don’t have yet. 

How do I know all this? Well, in the beginning I may have been guilty of a few. I was like you. I had thoughts that didn’t servee me,

“Can I really afford this?”, 

“I don’t have the time”, 

“I don’t know enough about essential oils”, 

“I don’t want to be sales.”,  etc.

What I decided to think instead was,

I can’t afford NOT to do this. Someday will never come. Now is the time.

I can make the time for something that is important to me. (A financially secure and debt-free retirement was so important to me.)

I will learn about the oils as I use them and share them with others. (That’s the brilliant part. I was earning while I was learning.)

Then don’t be salesy! It really is that easy. But in case you don’t believe me then you’ll enjoy working with me as I help you discover why you even think like that.

This negative story you may have believed about this profession doesn’t have to be your story. When you work with me, you will learn:

  1. to abandon all the negative thoughts that don’t serve you and open space for more positive beliefs and thoughts. 
  2. begin to dream again. 
  3. be challenged, but it will feel good. It will be hard, but it will be rewarding. 
  4. have an impact on other lives.  
  5. celebrate others before you because you want to. 
  6. have the success that you always wanted but never thought was really possible. 
  7. Your hopes turn into I DID!

What are you waiting for?

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