If it scares you it might be a good thing to try!

I remember the day when I told my husband I wanted to open my own business (a brick and mortar business). At first he thought I was crazy because neither of us had a business degree and we didn't have an education that prepared us for that kind of journey. Plus, we were use to being workers and guaranteed a paycheck. What if it didn't work? What if we don't make money? What if we quit our jobs for nothing? I believe that was the fear talking and being scared. But you see, if there is one thing you may now know about me, it's that I don't back away from a challenge--I never did. Was I scared? Hell yea! That was 22 years ago (my husband joined me in the biz in less than a year) and our business is still thriving.

In 2008, I started running because I wanted to lose weight. Then I bought a running magazine to learn more about the sport. I was inspired to run a 5k (3.1 miles race). My fear of this race was coming in last and getting lost. I didn't come in last and I didn't get lost. When I was running a new fear popped up that I might pass out from running so darn hard so that I wouldn't be last! LOL! From that I was inspired to run a marathon. Say what? How does someone go from 5k to marathon? Did I not know that I could have done a 10 mile race or a HALF marathon? Well, I did them all...LOL! #iamanoverachiever I survived to live and tell about it....hahaha (Here is a picture of my friends and I from our annual tradition Ugly Sweater Run on Dec 23, 2017. We didn't care that it was raining and not ideal running weather. It was about the fun and experience (and the food afterwards). This is what I would have missed out on if I didn't challenge myself and my fear. I love these girls and guys!!💜)

What is my point in telling you all this? Had I given into my fear, I would have missed out on some amazing experience--and life-changing experiences. I would have missed out on meeting some pretty amazing people who have become my friends. I also would have missed out on becoming an entreprenuer for a second time with doTERRA Essential Oils. Now I'm creating a team of people helping others improve their health.

I know that you are capable and you can do anything that you set your mind to. Does that mean you won't fear the fear anymore? No. Of course not. Your brain is always going to try and keep you in it's comfortable box. And you know that amazing things happen outside of your comfort zone though right? Just remember to make your why or your goal bigger than your fear.

How far do you push yourself? Do you stay in your comfort zone? If you do, then you are probably not reaching your goals and your fear is winning. Most good things happen outside of our comfort zones, so it is good to do things that scare you! 

Name one thing that has scares you, but excites you and inspires you for 2018.

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