What are you creating?

Five years ago, I started my business with doTERRA Essential Oils. This is what I’ve created my life around. I have my own network marketing business, I empower people all over the world and I’ve created a thriving team of leaders helping other people with their health.

I'm helping people improve their wellness and overall well being and that makes me happy. I’m helping people get out of debt and that makes me happy. I find joy in celebrating my beautiful leaders. I find joy in representing the highest quality plant-based essential oils in the world. I find joy in partnering with doTERRA because they are a company with a culture of love, giving back to others, communities, organizations and the earth.

This platform with doTERRA has allowed me to serve more and contribute to others. doTERRA is simply a platform for me to bring people together. For all of this I'm so grateful. Whatever reason you are following my blog or my facebook page, liking my posts and engaging with me, know that I appreciate you and am grateful for you.

Do you have big dreams and no plan? I was there, too, but then I figured it out. Do you have what it takes? If you are entrepreneurial minded, self-motivated, and want to help others achieve optimal health, then I want to talk to you!  If creating something for yourself through a life of contribution is important to you, you are in the right place.

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