My favorite essential oils for yoga

Essential oils provide a true vibrational healing tool. So it makes sense that when you combine doTERRA essential oils and yoga you experience an aromatically-blissful exploration for your body, mind & spirit. I have a lot of favorite essential oils that I like to use during my practice. But my all time favorites are:

  1. Balance
  2. Frankincense
  3. Motivate

I love to use Motivate aromatically at the beginning of my practice, as the citrus and mint create an energizing uplifting feeling and it assists in opening the respiratory system. Frankincense topically on my chest is superb for cat/cow pose. AH-MAZING!!! Lastly, Balance (a grounding blend) topically on my third eye and on the bottom of my feet during savanna makes for a heavenly relaxing pose. And you get all the aromatic benefits of this beautifully created grounding blend.

It's no wonder why I'm so passionate about partnering with studios to intertwine essential oils and yoga to improve health with natural approaches. If you are a yoga instructor or studio owner who wants to extend your influence in the world beyond the yoga studio while creating a “Plan B” business income with dōTERRA, check out my blog for more information on that.

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