How an essential oil saved my recipe

A few weeks ago I came across a chicken soup recipe and decided to modify it by omitting the chicken because I didn't have any. I didn't necessarily need to make it vegan but I knew that I wanted to use up some fresh vegetables I had on hand in a soup. 

In fact, I used my homemade chicken bone broth instead of store bought vegetable or chicken stock. I replaced the animal protein with protein from chickpeas and white beans. I had all the ingredients to make this soup and I was so excited to try a new recipe. 

Then right in the middle of making it I realized I was out of fennel seeds!!! OH NO! 

I looked through my essential oils and just as I hoped, I did have some fennel essential oil.

I must say that this soup turned out better than I was so delicious.  It saved my recipe!

Get the recipe here.

I only use doTERRA brand essential oils for their purity. If you are new to essential oils or if you want to expand your knowledge of them, watch this mini-training I did over the summer.

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