What is a "network marketing" leader?

John Maxwell said, "Before you lead others you must be able to lead yourself." Let that sink in for a minute. To me that means you must have integrity to do the right things for your own business even when no one is looking. Whose going to notice you didn't do those things right? Wrong. When you aren't enrolling, your team sees that.  And your team sees more than you realize and they will duplicate what you do and what you don't do. You cannot expect your team to do things that you haven't done or aren't willing to do. Being a leader doesn't mean telling others what to do. It also doesn't mean managing them. That's a mistake many leaders make. It's not always their fault though. They may be modeling another leader in their past jobs or business. 

Let's get clear on the definition of what a network marketing leader is, but first we'll start with what it isn’t

  • Not someone that has all of the answers (alleviate the pressure for yourself) instead help empower and grow
  • Not someone that makes it all about themselves (primary to make it about your team member…their strengths, their journey vs. your strength and your journey or rank) 
  • Not someone that does all of the talking (alot of leaders miss the mark on this)
  • Not someone who instills fear and pressure to get results (sometimes we do it accidentally when trying to get to a certain rank)
  • Not someone who uses others to reach their goals

Can you relate? My old leadership-self can definitely relate to a few items above.

Now let's talk about what is a leader?

  • Someone who creates an inspiring vision and inspires people to ENGAGE in that vision
  • Someone who EMPOWERS others to reach their full potential
  • Someone who SERVES others and EQUIPS them to become the best version of themselves.

I've always been a self-motivated person that works with integrity and I can lead myself. My new leadership-self, empowers, elevates and serves others. Remember my leadership vision from my last blog? 

Becoming a better, more effective leader will change the energy you put out into the world. Imagine the quality of team members that you will attract . Now that's the kind of duplication you want in your business right?

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