Do you know your role as a network marketing leader?

In last week's blog, I defined what a leader is and what a leader isn't. This week, let's have an honest conversation about what is not your job as a leader and what your responsibilities are as a leader.

First, What is not your job?

  • Make their sales for your team members.
  • Be their therapist (except how it relates to their sales)
  • Motivating them (remember their motivation comes from their core why and what makes them move no matter what they are presented with)
  • To be the forever leader of everyone in your organization. Instead you are creating leaders that are independent of you and not “dependent” on you

Now these are your Responsibilities as a Leader:

  • Teach them basic skill sets
  • Evaluate skill set through mentoring
  • Mentor calls (individual or group)
  • Inspire them (not to be mistaken with motivating them)
  • Encouragement and recognition
  • Help them set their goals and actions items
  • Help them discover obstacles and barriers
  • Provide coaching resources to remove obstacles and barriers

Ask yourself,  Would I want to be led by me? Ouch! That question might sting a little for some of you. But for some, you might reply with an ABSOLULTE  YES!!! Am I displaying the qualities that a leader should have?. Are your behaviors aligning with the behaviors that you want your team members to have?

Your expectations for your team are to learn the basic skills: 1. Makes Sales 2. Recruit 3. Train So obviously, you are doing the same thing. You duplicate what you do and you duplicate what you do not do.

For me, it is obvious. I model what I expect. After all that is how I create leaders. By doing so I help my team members live a healthy, abundant life with no financial burdens and help them discover their true potential. By teaching them new skills through a simplified training, I elevate and empower them to their greatness.  I create a community that gives a sense of belonging and lift each other up.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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