Weekend fun with the girls

Summer is finally here! ☀️Or should I say the warm summer "weather" is finally here. We've had some sunny days, but cool days. This past weekend I planned a last minute gathering with my friends, Susan and Linda. Since I'm easing my way back into running, running at a slower pace and running on my own, I don't get to hang with my girls as often as when we would run together. Susan hadn't played tennis🎾 in a while but she was up to it when I invited her to play. Linda was our ball girl. LOL! Susan had so much fun that she wants to do it again. 💜 It was so hot and humid so we headed back to my house to jump in the pool🏊‍♀️👙. We ended up swimming some laps but also relaxed on the floats and in the hot tub. These pictures are a reflection of our morning and afternoon. What a nice and beautiful day with my girlfriends. 💕I'd love to hear how you spent some time with your friends the summer.

Don't forget to show your skin some love after you've been in the sun and at the pool (or even on the beach.) Here is the recipe that I use to make my own. Are you a health enthusiast looking for ways to gain the EDGE? Check out my Health and Wellness Resource Guide.

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