Yoga and Essential Oils Hike

Earlier this month, I went on my first essential oil and yoga hike with some friends. I've hiked before, but never incorporated yoga or essential oils. You know how crazy I am about my essential oils so I was excited to bring them along. It was such a beautiful experience blending the three together.

The first portion of our hike we were intentionally silent and it allowed us to truly take in our surroundings, be more of aware of the fragrances, the colors of the trees, grasses and sky. The visual of the high grass swaying in the breeze was so calming and relaxing. It was so beautiful to practice yoga in the grass. Actually, it was fun trying to hold tree pose as the breeze was blowing around us. LOL! ☺️

Before set out, we applied Terrasheild (the outdoor blend) to protect us from bugs. To start our hike, we used Peppermint aromatically for easier breathing, half way through the hike we applied Deep Blue topically to ease sore muscles and during shavasana we used both Wild Orange and Lavender aromatically and topically on the bottom of our feet for calming and to encourage balance between the heart and mind. Check out the pretty photos from our hike. 

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