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Today when I was following up with a new customer, she was telling me how happy she was to have her oils. As I suspected, Breathe (breathe easy blend) has been her favorite so far because she suffers badly with seasonal discomfort. She told me when she visits her elderly mom, she can often be cranky. So on a visit with her mom after getting her oils, she decided to use a few drops of the lavender essential oil in a cream and gave her mom a hand massage. She said it really helped to calm her and she ended up having a really nice visit with her mom.

Lavender is a great go-to oil for just about anything (seasonal discomfort, sleep, stress, head tension, tight muscles, etc.) But one of my favorite ways to use lavender is cooking believe it or not. Here are some of my favorite recipes: 

A drop in my chamomile tea before bed (oh so relaxing), dip a toothpick in the bottle of lavender (you can do another one in peppermint) and then infuse 32oz of water with the sticks for about an hour before you drink it. Pour into a glass (no sticks) and refrigerate the rest. 

Lavender balsamic vinegarette (1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 3/4 cup olive oil and a tsp of honey (add more if you want it sweeter) and pour over field greens or spinach and your favorite toppings.

If you would like to learn how your body will benefit from essential oils, let's chat. I know it might seem confusing on what to use or how to use them. It's not hard once you know more about what to do. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them and you'll be hooked. But hooked on essential oils is a good thing though!

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