I'm not perfect!

My friends and I visited upstate New York for a girls weekend where we rented a house. We were running a 77 mile relay race. We bought some food for the fridge and I happened to buy some healthy options like greens and veggies. Everyone else was buying junk food. My friend said to me (after watching me prep some food in the kitchen) that I was in "a zone" while I was cooking and had realized how serious I took my  nutrition. (Remember we were away from the every day schedules and to-do's from home.) 

I didn't know how to take her comment and whether it was a compliment or if she was making fun of me. LOL! But it didn't matter because I knew for me at the time (I was just getting over a bad two years of not being in a good place nutritionally, emotionally and physically ) and starting to feel really good and I wanted it to stay that way.

I know I post a lot about clean eating, being healthy and staying fit. But I'm not perfect. I don't eat clean 100% of the time and sometimes not even 90% of the time.  So I'm coming clean. I do eat foods that may not be best choices. Today I found myself losing track of time and realized I had to leave my house right away for appointments I had. Now you might not know that I'm OCD about organization and being prepared. I'm telling you this because early morning I did prepare my handbag with a bottle of water, some "unsweetened" green tea and other items I knew I was going to take with me when I left the house. (Good thing since I was running late.) But at the last minute I grabbed a bag of potatoe chips then quickly thought "what the heck--you'll eat the whole bag" and I probably would. I'm so addicted to them. So instead I put them in a paper cup and ran out of the house. You can see from this photo. But at least my chips were cooked in olive oil (healthy fat right???). haha! Don't you just love how I justify this addiction? My favorite brand is Boulder chips with Sea Salt.

Like I said, I'm not perfect and that's okay. I've learned many lessons from mistakes I've made with poor nutrition choices and I've learned from them. But I must say that I'm still intentional about adding enough whole foods, greens, clean protein and good grains to my diet and that's why I can cheat.

You can be sure I was using lemon essential oil in my drinking water today to help release any toxins and used my digestion blend to prevent any bloating. Thank goodness for these magic doTERRA oils in my back pocket (okay my handbag).

What are your cheat foods?

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