Essential oils for dogs

Meet Cody (on the left) and Travis (right). They are my fur babies and they are the most loving dogs and gentle dogs. We love them so much. II know how much you love your pets and I also know that you are probably willing to do more for your furry family members than even yourself right?

We never want to see our pets suffer and many pet owners are extremely uncomfortable with the disguised ingredients lurking in common pet products. Essential oils are extremely helpful for your pets while putting your mind at ease as everything is pure, natural, safe, and effective. But no all brands of oils are created equal.

For example, one of the reasons I chose dōTERRA® is because of the Cō-Impact Sourcing®. dōTERRA® sources its oils from all over the world so that each oil is derived from its indigenous environment. When they are grown and harvested in the proper altitude, climate, seasons, and soil, you end up with a far superior product. This is where dōTERRA®'s commitment to purity begins!

The second main reason is that the oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade®. This is REALLY important because each oil has NO fillers, synthetics, dyes, pesticides, or contaminants of any kind - just pure unadulterated oil. dōTERRA® created this standard as a promise of purity and each and every batch is third party tested so you can be confident in not just their purity, but potency as well.

Just like humans, animals can benefit from dōTERRA® Essentials as well. Also like humans, there are some safety rules to follow:
*NEVER apply oils in your pets eyes, nose, or on their genitals.
*NEVER apply oils to the tips of long eared dogs as the oil can get into their eyes if they shake their head.
*IF SKIN IRRITATION OCCURS, add fractionated coconut oil or milk, not water!
FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL should be used when diluting as it does not clog pores.

Only use doTERRA and as always, safety first! I did a Facebook class teaching how to use essential oils on pets and which oils to use along with some DIY recipes. If you would like exclusiveaccess just email me at 

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