Knowing what the body needs

Have you ever been drawn to something and not sure why? Especially when it's not something you would normally go to or be interested in?

I experienced this over the weekend. Almost a week ago I came down with chills, body aches, and began coughing from congestion. It was like it came out from nowhere. I immediately went for my go-to doTERRA oils (OnGuard, Oregano, Breathe, Lemon and DDR Prime). Every day I got significantly better, but the one thing that wouldn't go away was the mucous in my chest. So I decided to do an iTovi scan to see what essential oils I might be missing. Various oils came up but one surprised me the most. It's not an oil I use very much (or on a regular basis) even though I have it. When I looked it up, it said "diffusing a drop or two can promote clear sinuses, helping to relieve congestion and sinus pressure."

Now here is the weird thing, just a few days prior I came across this same oil on my oil shelf, picked it up and remembered that it was in the Breathe blend. For a moment I thought to myself, I need to find out more ways to use this and then put it back

The next day, I ran out of a spiced almond butter I bought and decided to make my own (inspired by the one I ran out of). Guess which spice was in the almond butter?

The next day I did the iTovi scan and guess what oil popped up? CARDAMOM ESSENTIAL OIL (the same exact oils from the prior days)!!! It was like my brain knew but I just wasn't connectng the dots. After just a half day of diffusing it, it has made a night and day difference. UNBELIEVABLE! 

I was so glad to have had the iTovi scanner on hand. And it's a great tool to have around. Ylang Ylang, PB Assist, iQ Mega all came up and I wasn't surprised at all. When it doubt turn to your Frankincense and iTovi. If you are interested in getting your own, you can use this link. If you'd like to learn more about how essential oils can be used in your daily living for overall improved health and wellbeing, check out my upcoming classes or schedule a private consult by phone.

Happy oiling!

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