What all realtors should know about essential oils for their business

What the heck does aroma or essential oils have to do with real estate? Well think about it. When you smell a baked apple pie, what does it remind you one? Usually something from a childhood memory or feelings of comfort right? When I sold my house, it was suggested prior to a showing or an open house that I bake something (with apples or cookies was usually suggested) or burn a fragrance candle that would create feelings of happiness or taking someone back to their childhood memories.

As the molecules from the essential oils reach the brain, they affect limbic system, which is linked to the emotions, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. In this way, essential oils can have a subtle, yet holistic effect on the body.

Next time you plan to drive a client to look at a home, consider diffusing oils in the car like:

  • Balance or Serenity to reduce anxious feelings and create a calming environment
  • On Guard to keep germs at bay
  • Breathe or the Seasonal Blend (lavender, lemon, peppermint) when the environment has them congested or sneezing
  • Cheer to inspire happiness and create uplifted moods

For your open house, diffuse:

  • OnGuard for the "fall in a bottle" fragrance (cinnamon, wild orange, clove) to inspire childhood memories or homey feelings
  • Wild Orange to promote feelings of happiness (imagine peeling an orange and how it makes you smile right?)
  • Motivate to promote feelings of encouragement and a citrusy/mint fragrance
  • Citrus Bliss, Cassia and Grapefruit to promote feelings of fall, winter and warmth of a blanket by the fire.
  • Siberian Fir and Grapefruit to promote feelings of hope and calming and winter memories

When you give a gift after the sale or purchase, why not give them the "Gift of Health" in the form of essential oils and a diffuser?  In the end your client will remember how you made them feel during and after the process as they are using them at home.

The Realtor's Survival kit is way to get started with your introduction to essential oils for your business and your personal health. 

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