Why I wish I had little kids

Did you see the new Kid's Collection of essential oils? Even though I don't have little ones anymore, I was thrilled when this collection was made available. The blends were made with the kids in mind and made with essential oil fragrances that kids prefer plus certain chemistry of the oils. The Kids' blends are amazing!

Checkout my video where I explain why these oils leave me feeling like I wish I had little ones. I explain why they synergistic. And just by the names of the bottles, it's easy for them to learn how to use and to identify what they need at that moment.

This kit contains six new blends. Brave (courage blend) Calmer (restful blend), Rescuer (soothing blend), Stead , Stronger (grounding blend), and Thinker (focus blend) contribute to the collection with their own specific benefits to help your children feel empowered and ready for anything. Order your Kid's Collection, $126.67 retail/$95 wholesale.

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