What is AromaTouch Therapy?

Let's start with what it isn't! AromaTouch is not a massage. It is a clinical application of specific essential oils along the spine, neck, back of head and feet using a light touch. The light touch creates a large neurological response in the body.

But don't let that "light touch" fool you. After an AromaTouch Training I hear comments like:

I feel so relaxed
That was amazing
I think I fell asleep it was so nice
I feel like I just got a massage
I feel drunk (AromaTouch drunk)🤪

The beauty of the AromaTouch Therapy is found in the simplicity of the touch and the complexity of the oils while Increasing blood flow and stimulating body systems as a whole and adding the oils.

Different factors that we face in our daily life can have an impact on our overall well-being. When dealing with a child who needs individual care, a friend frustrated with school, a spouse with stress from work, or a teenager worn out from a sporting practice, the AromaTouch can help.

This technique has multiple benefits because of the specific oils used in combination with human touch. No matter what situation comes, you can feel empowered knowing there will always be the AromaTouch Technique.

Imagine as a wellness practitioner being able to offer this kind of wellness to your patients and having everything you need? Or a parent or caregiver having everything you need to be able to help a child or parent immediately calm a loved one, reduce their stress or pain and support their bodies immune response? That's empowered wellness at it's finest. That's the ability to have natural healthcare at your finger tips when you need it and to use for preventative wellness.

Want to learn how to do the AromaTouch Therapy? Sign up for one of my AromaTouch events? Can't get to a training, schedule a wellness consult to order your AromaTouch kit and guide.

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