The power of choice

You get to choose how YOU want to feel. Yes it's true! You can choose to feel like crap and do nothing about it. Or you can choose to feel BADASS and AMAZING because your health is that important to you. 

Sure, you might need a little emotional uplifting to get you there. Sometimes I do too. That's what I love about my emotional essential oils which do double-duty for my physical wellbeing. 

I have TWO gifts for you just because I care about you. 

First, get access to my Women's Health, Hormones and Essential Oils Series and start living with more energy and vibrancy. Don't put it off until tomorrow because you know you won't get to it. Get it now and start putting things into practice now. It's only going to get busier as we get into the holidays right?

Next I'm going to give you access to my education facebook page, Happy Health Empowered with Essential Oils so you can be inspired to get moving and to have more ‘ME’ days. 

One thing I want to leave you with and I want you to do this today. I want you to create an anchor with one of your essential oils. You'll be creating a pattern interrupt so that when you find yourself feeling stressed, angry or unsettled (or any feeling you do not want), inhale your favorite essential oil and notice how it changes your state. One of my favorites are Holiday Peace (calming) and Whisper (feeling powerful, unstoppable, when setting goals). Try it and let me know what your experience was like.

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