Respiratory support on-the-go

Respiratory issues are not fun and sometimes you turn to anything that will help, but very little ever does. This is what I use that works ALL THE TIME, it's non-toxic and contains the most-trusted ingredients for optimal respiratory support. It was a lifesaver recently when I was on a mini-vacation. Hear more about it in my live video.

The doTERRA Breathe® Vapor Stick is a quick, convenient way to invigorate and clear your mind while on-the-go. It gives a simple and easy way of promoting clear breathing as well as providing a cooling, soothing effect both topically and aromatically.

These convenient .4 oz sticks can be stored in purses, briefcases, suitcases, cars, desks, nightstands, and much more.

Apply to chest and neck area as needed to soothe airways. Don't wait until you need respiratory support, schedule a wellness consult appointment with me today.

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