Keeping your skin healthy this summer

It's time to embrace summer with open arms right? Happy dance!ūüíÉ You know how you want to fit so many things in like concerts, picnics, beach time, pool time planned and you can't wait to enjoy the outdoors? I'm right there with you. 

The main problem is that while you love being outside, you also don't want to to get sunburned. So you use sunblock. We both know that as careful as you are, you still get a little over exposed and it puts a damper on your plans because it hurts so much.

Imagine having an after sun spray that helps your skin recover immediately, reduces the pain, Is cooling, soothing and leaves your skin feeling silky soft without being sticky. And it didn't ruin you plans and you keep enjoying your summer. AND.....your skins remains healthy and looks good.

The problem is you realize that you don't have what you need or what you have isn't exactly going to work as fast as you'd like and your skin hurts and puts a damper on your vacation plans leaving your miserable.

Imagine having everything you need, getting immediately relief, your skin heals quickly, is cooled and soothed leaving it soft and smooth. AND.....your skin looks radiant and beautiful.

I have a unique product that can help you in times like this. People turn to doTERRA essential oils as an all natural and chemical-free option to take care of their family. This week at Island Sun Tanning Newtown location, I'll be teaching a Summer Wellness Essential Oil class teaching people how to easily make their own after sun spray that will take the sting out of sunburned skin, heal it and reduce the pain commonly associated with overexposed skin. Will you be joining me? Stay tuned for my upcoming webinar on Skin Essentials where I'll share some of my secrets to a youthful complexion at any age.

In the meantime, I'll share my secret to a beautiful, youthful complexion. It's the doTERRA Essential Skin Care Set!! OMG!!!! If I was deserted on an island, this is the one thing (ok maybe more than one) that I'd want to have. Actually I ran out of the day moisturizer today...eek! I usually have one extra on hand. I'm using the Hydrating Cream in the meantime. Get your set today. I know you'll love it.

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