My essential oils never fail me....or my carpet

What happens when you find a bright yellow stain on your BRAND NEW CARPETS??? 😮 Ugh!!!! You know where I'm going right?  Right! I have an oil for that.....I secretly hoped .I grabbed my doTERRA lemon essential oil and a damp rag and within about 10 minutes, it is COMPLETELY gone! Whewww!!!! 

By the time I found it, it had to have been there for a few days and was dried up. Lemon essential oil has never failed me when I use it for cleaning, but honestly I was worried. And the best part is I didn't have to use any chemical carpet products to clean it or be left with a stain. I took it in two videos--Video 1 and Video 2. The lighting is off on the before after pictures because I took them from different angles. But I gave you the video links so you can get the instructions of how I used the oil to lift the stain.

This is yet another reason why I love my oils. I'm excited to teach my Green Cleaning webinar because so many people want to go natural with their cleaning products, but they are so expensive and not all are as natural as you might think. Making your own with essential oils is so cost effective, great for our health, the health of our pets and kids and our planet.

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