I get asked this question all the time

If you've heard me talk about health and wellness or about essential oils, you know that I'm really passionate about the topics. So then I often get asked why I do what I do. That's a reasonable question right?

As a kid, I was involved in sports. As a young adult, I was always going to the gym (remember the Lucille Roberts chain???) and I was always interested in nutrition. Now that doesn't mean I always ate perfectly!!! Quite the contrary a lot of times. But I still cared about being and feeling healthy.

Like you might be able to relate to, I went down the path of not working out because I was a mom working too many hours and then eating whatever I could eat fast because I was working with a hectic and busy schedule. And, of course, it happened in my 40's when my body was changing--hormones and all. The result? Weight gain and not feeling my best self.

As hard as it was, I got back on the horse, ate better, starting working out again and learned as much as I could about better food choices. After all, knowledge its power!!! Long story short, I lost the weight, felt better and had more energy. That's the moment when I realized my passion and purpose was coming to light.

Friend would always ask my opinion about food and working out because of my own transformation. I craved more and more information! I signed up for an online 12 month health coaching program. Does it surprise you when I tell you that I had no intention of becoming a health coach--I just wanted the education for me. i didnt even care about the initials that would follow my name indicating that I was a certified holistic health coach (CHHC).

Who the heck does that? Who goes to school just for information with? And no intention from making a living from it? Debbie Burns does that!!

Now what do I do with this health coach education?  

Enter doTERRA.

My journey started as a customer, but I quickly saw it as a platform to help people with their health, to empower and equip more women to create their own customized wellness plan and create their own businesses.

People that join doTERRA do amazing things, they self-develop themselves and become a life force for change.  

My Purpose, my Passion and my Vision became so much more clear.

When I empower a woman to live her Purpose, she impacts her family. Her family impacts their communities. In fact, they create communities of people doing great thing in this world and living their own Purpose.

So that's why I do what I do?

I'd love to know--what is your Purpose?

In case you don't quite know, I put together this Guide to help others discover their Purpose. Download it if you want to get a little more clear so that you are living your Purpose. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. If you know anyone that an benefit and needs some direction, share this blog with them.

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