Change your focus, change your results

What is holding you back from getting what you want? Before you answer that question, think about what you have been focused on.

Are you focusing on excuses, staying in overwhelm or not moving past execution of your plan? Okay now answer what is holding you back? I think you'll find it's what you've been focused on. Because the reality is that you will get "exactly" what you give focus to.

Why do I share this with you?

Because I've been there. I've been guilty of this in my business and with my health in the past. The great thing though is that I was able tp recognize this and change my focus. Of course, working with a coach and staying consistent with personal development has helped me through different stages of my business.

I have two tips for you to help keep you in check and make sure your focus stays spot on:

1. When you are about to make a decision that you know probably isn't the right thing (example: eating the sugary snack during your sugar detox or deciding not to execute your daily business plan), ask yourself will this decision hurt me or help me with my goal? You are either going to focus on sabotage and come up with excuses. Or you will stay focused on what moves you closer to your goal.

2. Remove "if" statements and make statements that have more intention. If I take one small bite, it won't hurt me just this one time vs. I choose no to this snack and instead I will eat [insert better option] because [insert what you will experience when you hit your goal]. The great thing is we get to CHOOSE what we give our focus to. We are in charge. We are the creator of the life we want.

Now that some awareness has been created? How is your focus going to change going into 2019? How will that change your quality of life?

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