Throw away your to-do-list

What?!?!? I know that is what you are thinking! And you might think I'm crazy. I didn't think it was possible either especially since I've relied on a to-do-list for so many years. But stick with me though. You may change the way you think about your list.

Have you ever had a To-Do-List that📝 was really long and you were determined (as you cringe with a slight thought of doubt creeping in) to get everything on it done? Almost like a badge of honor that you earned because you are so busy and you knocked everything out?

This ends two ways:
1. You feel like crap because you didn’t get everything done, you feel overwhelmed and defeated.☹️
2. You felt like you won💪 your day, but it cost you in some way. It was hard, but you got it done. However, you can’t see yourself being so rigid every day like that.😏

Yesterday, I decided I was going to be done with my To-Do-list📝. I was going to make a plan to do the things that bring me joy😀 in my business and my day—the things that I know I "want" to do. How did it go? Let's just say I got shit done! And it felt good! Want to know how I did it?

Join me live on my facebook page May 22nd in the morning and I will teach you how.

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