Fear to freedom

Is it your intention to be healthier, to be more fit, to have better relationships, to love yourself more or to start something new?

I know you can do it. I believe in you.

Last week I attended an online business retreat and walked away with so much goodness. 

Since our world is going through so many changes and find yourself having to adapt to new ways of doing things, I thought this would be a great message.

I'll share below.
Bisi MacGregor, founder of Fear 2 Freedom, asked us if we were living our best life NOW--not before Covid, but NOW.  
Ask yourself that question. Let that sit in.

Maybe you think about something you've been wanting to do, but don't. Now that you have that awareness, let's do something with it.
It is important to create a high level of awareness (i.e., your beliefs, habits, behaviors, mindset, who is around you, what is around you). 
Without awareness you keep making unconscious choices.
Research shows that more than 75% of our decisions are fear-based Let that sit in. (mind blown) And think about how much of that may come from the media and even social media.
You are afraid of what will happen if you don’t do something instead of what you want. For example: “What if I fail vs, what if I succeed.”
When you make decisions on fear you live in fearful living. ("But I don’t have time", "I don’t know how to do it", etc) 
You constraint instead of dreaming. You play smaller, blaming other people, finger wagging, leaving you with no time and no energy. Fear has you conforming.
What you say over and over is your experience.
Here were her power tips. 

  • Create the awareness of what is happening now.
  • Gain some more clarity of what you tell yourself over and over.
  • Flip that script. 
  • Set a clear intention and KNOW your reasons why--the deep deep why of why it's important. 
Set the intention that you want to _____ and DECIDE.

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