Three moms creating their dream life✨

I'm coming off a beach retreat/virtual conference week with two fabulous women--Sarah and Laura--who I met through my business and we quickly became friends.

That is them in the above photo that we took today on their last day.

I'm so in awe of the hope and positive energy they bring to others by just being genuinely themselves.

A year ago I didn't know Sarah (a busy mom of 5) and now here she is is developing a business to help moms achieve financial independence. She is building something for herself so that her husband and her can have a secure retirement.

Laura had always been a working mom when 7 years ago she started building a business to support her family. Today she has a business that gives her time flexibility which came in handy when her son left for college.

She told me she is so grateful to have built a business that allows her to work around her schedule--not someone else's.
Isn't that so empowering? It gives me chills.

I show working moms that are fed up with financial challenges and their 9-5, how to create the business of their dreams, get unstuck and live with more intention and joy. If this is you, let's connect.

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