How do I know which essential oils to buy?

The world of essential oils can be confusing since they are becoming more mainstream. You can buy them everywhere including Walmart.

Before I learned about doTERRA essential oils, I thought all brands were created equal. 

I was wrong.

I bought my first essential oil at a natural food store. The label on them said 100% pure and organic. That's good right?

I read labels and I was confident I bought an oil that was safe and good for me.

Again....I would be wrong.  

After reading the label more thoroughly, I learned I couldn't use the peppermint oil internally or topically? If this was truly a pure oil why couldn't it be used internally or topically? After all, you can eat a peppermint leaf.

Cue the light bulb moment.

I wasted my money because I couldn't use the oil like I planned. And I couldn't return it because it was opened.

My experience is exactly why I created this Essential Oil Buying Guide. So that you don't have to waste money, spend hours researching, so you don't buy what you don't need and most importantly that you are using essential oils safely.

Essential oils are widely known for aromatherapy or even for different skin issues. Most mood lifting essential oils are used in aromatherapy for mental and emotional uses such as stress, fatigue and anxiety. 
Or maybe a topical use of essential oils for skin stuff (rashes or acne)  is what you need.  
Whatever the health issue or goal is, it is important to use the proper essential oil or you may find yourself frustrated.

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