My Mission

My Mission is to be an example for what is possible for other women. I’m creating community where women are empowered and courageous. They are:
   ✨Taking control of the life and health.
   ✨Are financially empowered to take care of their families.
   ✨Breaking belief barriers for what is possible and stepping into their greatness.
   ✨Creating a life by design while making a difference in other lives.
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Work with Debbie as a Wholesale Customer:

Congratulations! You have made a great choice to make your health a priority and use doTERRA essential oils as part of your wellness lifestyle!  

My passion is to help people you create and keep wellness so that you have the ability to live a life with vitality and energy.

When you work with me as a Customer: 

Get access to my essential oil education community
Receive a 90 day customized wellness plan
Qualify for monthly health coach sessions
Get access to all of my trainings via online and in person
Get access to all of my resources, education and gain confidence in your essential oil knowledge and usage

Become a Wholesale Customer:

Select the essential oil enrollment pack that is right for you or schedule a consult with me and we can discuss what will be your best option
Get your oils at a wholesale discount pricing
Earn free product credits each month through our monthly Wellness Box Suscription
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I am so excited for you to see the results that so many others have experienced and look forward to supporting you on this journey. 
Providing you with an excellent customer service experience is important to me,


Work with Debbie to Start Your Own Business: 

Hello friend! Congratulations on a great choice to start your own wellness business integrating essential oils and using them as part of your wellness lifestyle!

My passion is showing you how to create the business of your dreams and learn how to be an entrepreneur. 

As a Wellness Advocate with me you will: 
Get the all the benefits of a Wholesale Customer
Get access to my Wellness Business Blueprint
Get access to my Elevate Entrepreneur training
Get access to my team & business community
 Get access to all local, regional, and national trainings
Access to the annual convention
World class essential oils education
Create a business that supports your lifestyle of wellness while doing what you enjoy!

How to become a Wellness Advocate with me:
Select the the essential oil pack that is right for you or schedule a consult with me and we can discuss what will be your best option
Receive your oils at the highest discount 
Select the Wholesale Customer option for now when you order your essential oil enrollment pack
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There is no obligation to become a Wellness Advocate, The benefit is that you get a business in a box with a proven system!