Having a burning desire in your business can make all the difference between having a successful business or it being a hobby. And remember...hobbies cost you money. You can only control two things in life. No it's not the kids, economy, government, etc. Those things you have to "deal" with. But what you can control is your attitude and how you think. 

In life you are going to pay a price. For most people it's having too much month at the end of their paycheck. Always being one paycheck away from disaster. See yourself BIGGER. Create a mindset that allows you to build a business that lasts a lifetime and gives you more month at the end of your paycheck. Which price do you want to pay? Well, if you know me it's a business that lasts a lifetime and that is exactly what I do.

How do you think? Who do you allow to control what goes on in your brain? Is it garbage in garbage stay or garbage in garbage out. Thoughts are things. Something I want to share with you is that I didn't always have the right thinking. Not that it was bad thinking. I was never a negative thinking person or anything like that. But I was mostly a positive thinker. But I learned that positive thinking alone isn't enough to help you get that right thinking. You know what I mean. It's a cloudy rainy cold day. I could think positive that it's nice and sunny out but that doesn't CHANGE the weather to nice and sunny. 


I'm going to give you a tip. Start right here and right now! I want you to practice thinking of coming from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. I love what Brendon Burchard says: A scarcity mind thinks, "I don't know how to do that,". An abundant mindset thinks, "It's my mission to go learn how." They then make a to-do item on their agenda to go learn the area they have a deficiency in.

When a scarcity mindset quits by thinkng, "I don't have that...[enough resources, assets, followers, etc]," abundant mindset thinks, "Then it's my time to go build that." They immediately start building the reality they desire. Not talking. Not waiting. Building. What is the one thing you were thinking that you can change? Write that down on a post it note. Place it on your nightstand and every single night and morning say out loud the statement coming from a place of abundance. Remember that your brain will BELIEVE what you tell it. You tell it long enough and you change your own programming. I'd love to hear how things change for you once you start practicing bigger thinking. xo Debbie

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