Hot Tubbing in the Mountains Diffuser Blend

It is cold and extremely windy in Pennsylvania today. The sky is blue with few clouds and I couldn’t help but think about the mountains. It took me back to when I would go in the hot tub when it is freezing cold out. You know….so cold that you run to the hot tub, get all the way in so the your shoulders are covered and you are so immersed in the hot water to take the chill off. You are warmed up but you can smell the chill in the air and the woodsy aroma from the trees. So I decided to make a diffuser blend with my oils. I used clove which has powerful antioxidant properties. Douglas Fir because it promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. White Fir evokes feelings of stability and has a calming effect. Who couldn't benefit from these right? Simply add 2 drops of each of Clove, Douglas Fir and White Fir with water to your diffuser. Enjoy!!!

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