Tennis anyone?

Since I've been injured and haven't been able to run since last summer😏, I decided I needed to add some variety of cardio into my fitness routine. I was already doing Zumba (modified for lower level) and spinning for cardio, yoga for stretching and flexibility and physical therapy for rehab. But since it was getting into spring and getting nice out☀️, I really wanted to do something outside since running isn't an option.. So I decided on tennis! But I wanted my hubby to do it with me. Not surprisingly he said yes even though tennis isn't really his thing. He is usually game for at least trying things. I'm a lucky girl!😉

So today (Tuesday mid-morning) we had our first private lesson with a tennis coach. What I learned today is that I have a mean backhand. LOL! (Imagine me patting myself on my back....haha) When I would play for fun in the past, I never looked forward to having to hit the ball backhand. The coach put us through some drills for an hour and we worked on technique and form--OMG getting the form down was so funny.  Then at the end of our private session, he picked up the speed with us and we had to move around the court alot more quickly practicing the skills we just learned. My hubby has asthma and he started to have a hard time breathing. Luckily I always carry some Breathe (the Respiratory essential oil blend) in my purse so I was able to grab it and he was able to resume playing without having to rest. (In the past, he would have to sit down and regain his breath and calm his respiratory system before he could consider resuming.)

We ended the late morning at the local smoothie bar. As we drove home, he commented on how grateful he was that being entrepreneurs allows us to have time freedom. We can workout whenever we want to and not when our employer tells us we can. We can take nuggets of time throughout any day we choose (or whole day) to enjoy life. We are going back tomorrow mid-afternoon and Friday for more tennis!!! We leave for vacation on Saturday and are looking forward to playing more while we are away and then we'll have another private session in a week so the coach can see how much we improved.

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