Giving up before you even begin?

If you tell me that you can't do something don't expect me to sit by and not say anything.

My husband was setting some 2019 goals for himself last week. When he told me one of his goals as quick as he shared it, that quick he said it was going to be hard so he was going to set it a little lower. 

I gave him this look that said "what are you crazy?". What I was thinking was, "you gave up before you even began". But I didn't actually say that. 

In a calm voice I asked, "Why does it have to be hard?" (I didn't want to put him on the defensive.) He replied it was unrealistic!!! Oh mannnn!!!!!! It so pains me when people don't give themselves a chance to even figure out the work that has to be done and why that goal was important enough to "try" and go get it. 

But I know it's not his fault. It is really just his brain keeping him in his comfort zone. His brain doesn't want to have to create new behaviors and habits and do new things. It likes things just the way they are. 

But here is the thing guys. YOU (yes I'm pointing at you) get to CHOOSE your thoughts, you get to CHOOSE your goals and you get to CHOOSE how you want to feel? Choose YOU! Your brain doesn't have to be in charge and holding you back from what's important to you.

So cut the crap and right now! SERIOUSLY!! I want you to write down why this goal is important to you. (How will it improve your quality of life if you achieve this goal? Who else will it affect?)

What will be challenging? It's okay to ask that question because you want to be prepared for any triggers or bad habits that may come up. The difference between "what will be hard or challenging vs. it will be hard is that you will be right. It will be hard for you because that is what you choose to believe. But why can't you believe that you can get what you want? So now that I've set you straight, how will you plan to overcome and move past that challenge? Maybe it means telling someone your goal and ask them to help you stay accountable when you need the help or encouragement. Tell them it is okay to remind you of why you want this. It is okay to ask for help.

NOW imagine what it will feel like when you achieved your goal. What does it look like? What is the sound around you? Do you see color? Who is with you celebrating? How are you celebrating? What is the date? Write all of this down and tell you brain, "GO GET THIS! THIS IS WHAT WE WILL ACHIEVE!"

​We all inspire other people without realizing it. By you be brave enough to go for it, you inspire others. Play full out in 2019 okay? Promise?

Post below what you plan to achieve in 2019 so that I can support you. Let me know if you need some guidance and support​.

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