October Freebies & Mini Training

You've been hearing about doTERRA essential oils and wanting to know more, but not sure where to start. I got you covered.  Watch this mini-training I  did on the top 10 MUST HAVE oils, and why getting started with these 10 oils is the best place to start, and why getting started this month is so awesome! 

At the end of the training, I shared a summer special—which is now expired. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS if you are ready to get started, this month you will get the following free: Copaiba oil, Copaiba Softgels and Yellow Mandarin (see image below) and a free gift from me, click here to get started!  After you process your order I will be in contact to discuss how I can best serve you to get started, and get you added to my Essential Oil Community so you can get my free coaching--for business or personal!  If you already have a membership, but know someone who could use the benefits of these amazing oils, please refer a friend and be sure to let me know, so I can give you a Thank You gift!  

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