Before you set those new years goals

Last week, my team and I talked about the skill of setting goals. Let's face it....either you love setting goals or hate it and your eyes glaze over. Having goals in your life is supervision and structure for managing your mind. 

You can predict where you are going to be in your life by what you are telling yourself. Results don’t just happen. 

Goals are a result of deciding what you want.

We talked about the foundations of how to set SMART goals, how to make them happen and why you've been afraid of setting them. S.M.A.R.T Goals are:
S = Simple and specific. I will, I am vs. I want
M = Measurable (metric) and meaningful (how do you know you’ve arrived) What can be measured? Income? Structure? 
A = Achievable (and as if) Example: It is June 15, 2020. My bank account balance is in the positive by $10,000, I’m celebrating 3 new team members that have just earned their first $5,000 bonus and our family just booked our first vacation. My health has improved and I’m feeling vibrant and have so much more energy. (Describe your goal as if you are living it.)
R = Relevant goals are goals that help you progress to your dream. If you are trying to reach a six figure income, it doesn’t make sense to spend ALL your time only wishing, learning and never implementing. Sure, it might be super useful to you personally, but in this case, it doesn’t help you reach your dream or goals. 
Is the purpose of your goal just to make money? 
Or is the purpose of your goal to serve others and helping them with financial solutions?
or BOTH?
T = Timely (Date) and goals move you toward what “You will have” vs what “You don’t have yet”) Be very specific with the date you choose or the income level.

When you've set your goal, share it with others, read it out loud every day and believe that it is as good as done. Your brain will take the action necessary when you've decided it's as good as done.

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