As I look back on my life and all of the decision I've made, I can honestly say that I am where I am in my life because of the decisions I've made. Did I make some decisions that always served me? No! Did I always think positive before? No! Did I always believe I would be successful? No  I'm not perfect. 

You see life is short and why wouldn't I want to live it to my full potential. What served me was the good work ethics that I got from my Dad (my mentor). I knew at a young age that I wanted my life to be a little different (didn't want to have money struggles and work so much that I wouldn't enjoy my family). I CHOSE to BELIEVE that I could be successful. I made a plan and I CHOSE to make a plan that would drive my actions. The end RESULT is that I built a 2 million+ business from the ground up, I CHOSE to personally grow to be my best self, CHOSE to up level my leadership skills, CHOSE to work hard so that later I am working smarter and I've gotten the MOST AMAZING RESULTS  for the MOST AMAZING LIFE. Now the best part of my life is helping others do the same. 

Early on in my business there were times when negative thoughts would pop into my head and wondered if I would be working hard even in my retirement years. I didn't want to be working hard or working for anyone else in my 60's and 70's.  I didn't want to worry about finances after risking so much and working so hard in retirement. So I CHOSE to BELIEVE that I will retire in my 50's, live it healthy and be able to travel without financial worry. 

Now you might think that I'm materialistic and that life isn't all about money and being rich. Well, if I'm honest....yes I do think about money. I don't have negative connotations about money though. I don't believe that all people that have lots of money are bad or make them bad.  I think about money because I view it as a tool and a resource to make a difference in the lives of others. (I'll talk more about that in a later blog). 

My favorite part of my business (and what drives me every day) is seeing the transformation of my business partners and clients in their own belief system as they move towards their goals. They see that CHOOSING to change their thoughts to BELIEVE they can achieve their dreams and are getting the RESULTS they want. 

Tip: I like to use Frankincense aromatically to support my brain health and for encouraging thoughts. For example, if you want to believe that you are worthy you would simply say that thought out loud several times as you breathe in Frankincense from your palms and cupping your nose. IT IS SOOOOO AMAZING!

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