Another reason why I love what I do

I just returned from a trip to San Diego, California where I spent two days with friends resting and relaxing in a little surfing town, Cardiff by the Sea. Coffee, oceanviews, beach and sunshine....what more do you need? LOL!! 

Then I spent another two days masterminding with some of the most inspiring women making a difference in the world and creating a life they love.  We received exclusive business and leadership coaching. We ended the trip with a hot air balloon ride which our mentor surprised us with. Have you ever been? It was my first time. It was such a cool experience.

Being in business for yourself, isn't always easy and it takes courage. However, it's one of the most exhilirating and rewarding journeys you will ever take. You get to discover your true potential, play full out and at every change you step over fear. An empowered woman is the author of their own life and worthy of all they desire. We are most empowered when we come together and support each other.

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