3 reasons why people fail at business

The dream of being your own boss and having your own business is still ALIVE and well. I was no different. YOU are no different.

When I started my first business, I had no idea what I was doing and I had no one to show me the way.  I had failures along the way, but I didn't fail at business. I failed along the way and built a an award winning business that is still in existence after 20 years and growing. I created a second business showing women how to transform their health, add value to their business and increase their business income. YOU can too!

Reason 1, People give up when it gets hard: If I had given up because it was hard and I failed at certain things, I would have been playing small and I wouldn't have been able to contribute to the lives of others. I wanted to give up 3789 times. If I gave up then I wouldn't be the mentor I am today. I would have never known what I was capable of. I would have left  the legacy I desired. I wouldn't have become the badass business women that I am today. (Yea I may be quiet and reserved, but never underestimate the badass in my soul.) YOU can do this too!

Reason 2, People have a surface  "want": Wanting something isn't the same as having a burning desire in your belly. A burning desire comes from a deep emotional feeling of WHY it is so important to have a business and SUCCESS. It's not just the money. It is not just serving a customer. It is something so deep that it makes you cry or feel pain. The burning desire pushes you through the times in your business when things get hard or when you have naysers at every corner. YOU are capable too!

Reason 3, People are motivated by what they are running from: In this case, you are looking back at what you don't want, causing you to to pause, second guess your decisions and feel those fears come up. You never gain  momentum and stay in the negative/fearful emotions instead of moving forward. This creates THE HARD! Imagine when you are motivated by what is possible, by a visual or feeling "as if" you are there you OR like you are being pulled (imagine a magnet pulling you and it can't be stopped). Imagine, feeling as if you are on the path you were meant for. YOU are the designer of your life!

How would you approach your business differently TODAY if you were exactly where you want to be NOW? 
How consistent would you be on the important things that actually give meaning to your business, life and others? 

Imagine 5 years from now and looking back and saying, "I freakin' did that!" and smiling so proudly and realized you ARE capable of anything.  It's the best feeling! Now go kick some booty and serve others. 

If you are not achieving what you had planned for your life, let's talk. I can show you how to take action and feel hopeful for what it is you want out of life. I believe in YOU!

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