What Does Eating Healthy Mean to You?

I’m curious, what does eating healthy mean to you?

Growing up I thought eating healthy meant you should...
  • Create a calorie deficit by eating less and moving more
  • Have a snack or meal every 2 hours
  • Always eat 3 solid meals per day
  • Eat low fat, lean meats, veggies, fruits, dairy, starches, and whole grains 

When I graduated nutrition school, I learned you should not eat low fat and instead you should eat healthy fats. and then eating dairy switched to nuts or plant-based milks, and then no starches and no grains. And lastly, can you believe it....calories don't matter?🤷🏻‍♀️

How is a person supposed to know what to choose when they are bombarded with so much conflicting information?

It turns out, there’s a LOT more to eating healthy than what we were taught in school or what you might have read about diet and nutrition.

In fact, some so-called healthy foods aren’t healthy for you.

I know that sounds crazy right? I know……I thought so too! However......

It took me years of trial error (diets, programs etc.) to figure out what foods were healthy for my body. When my body started responding, I knew I had figured it out and it made getting the results so much easier! So I want to help you find the missing pieces and discover what foods are your "ideal healthy" to feel like your best self instead of wasting time trying to figure it out.

I see so many clients and people feeling frustrated about food and eating healthy. They've tried just about everything with little to no results. They’ll literally say…

"I’m eating healthy but I’m not getting any results!"

"I’ve already given up so much in my diet, but nothing has changed!"

"Maybe I'm at the age that these symptoms are just my new 

Does their frustration sound familiar?

I do not doubt they are “eating healthy.” They are often eating a well-rounded and clean diet. In some cases (and like me), they are eating mostly organic foods, good sources of meat, and even avoiding some of the well-known inflammatory foods.

But they continue to feel frustrated with no results.

They still struggle with hormone imbalance, anxiety, digestive issues, weight, or other nagging health issues.

There’s a difference between eating healthy and eating right for your body.

Eating right for your body will incorporate healthy foods, but not all healthy foods are right for your body. Say what? I know....mind blowing right?

If you are sick and tired and finally wanting to figure out the missing pieces of your personal health code, schedule an Ideal Health Discovery Call.

Here is something that I did first as I began tuning into my body. I want you to try this too.

Write down every item you have for breakfast and take note of the time you eat. Then 1-2 hours later write down if the meal:

  • Satisfied you, but still felt hungry or
    • Satisfied you and did not feel hungry. 
    • Didn’t satisfy you and and still felt hungry.
  • What you energy levels were like? or
    • just right, too much or too little. 
    • Good lasting of energy? 
    • Shaky, jittery, nervous or speedy?
  • Were your emotions or well-being improved or
    • Mentally slowly, sluggish or spacey? 
    • Emotional upliftment? Mental clarity? 
    • Inability to focus or concentrate?

Be sure to take note of how you felt over all that morning from your breakfast. What clues are you learning from this experiment? Do this all week and let me know what you learned.

Because the truth is, there is no single diet (or food) right for everyone or even you. Your body is unique and therefore your food needs will be too.

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