Trust the process

Change can be scary. Especially when you've been doing something a certain way for so long right? It is what you were taught, it is familiar and you are comfortable even if it's not giving you the results you want.. The thought of even figuring out where to start to make a change and then spending the time to make the change...ugh...don't even get me started. Then the creative process...oh man!

As my business gets larger and more team members are joining my team and the team of my leaders, I realized I needed a Getting Started Program that would help my existing team members simplify the way they:

  •  organize their business
  • set goals
  • sell
  • followup
  • recruit
  • teach new team members the same; and
  • develop leaders

I took the complicated and made it simple and fun through training that is broken down into bite-sized pieces in an easy to follow system.. They learn the basics, do the activity and they get results. They have belief in themselves and they are confident. Whether the person is a shotgun, collector and builder or a pathfinder, the simplified training process fits the bill. But how do I get buy-in from my existing team members that might not  like change? I do what I expect of them. I follow the program and I get results. I do a soft launch. I put new team members through it and a leader that is open and trusts my guidance (even if it means changes), They get the results and now we have social proof.

As you've read about my leadership vision in my blog, creating a program for my team helps them to have more success, to develop into strong leaders and now they have the tools to develop strong leaders. 

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